Music Production


Music is a universal language. It talks to people in different ways. Today with advancement of technology, music has no boundaries.

This program goes through all the process of creating a recorded project, including the creative process, such as deciding what instrument to choose for a record and advanced song arrangement techniques. 

  • Fundamentals of Music: The Fundamentals of Music course explores harmony, melody, rhythm, and form with an introduction to music notation and ear training. 

  • Musical Structure and Analysis: Advanced harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic concepts are identified and explored in a popular music format. 

  • Introduction to DAW: Introduction to producing music using different digital audio workstations

  • Musical Arranging: The Musical Arrangement course addresses instrumentation and arranging techniques. This course focuses on developing an understanding of the nature and limitations of acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as effective formulaic techniques for successful arrangement. 

  • Sound Designing: This course focuses on basic sound designing techniques for Music, Film and Video Games.

  • Music Production Project & Portfolio: This is the final stage of the course and includes personal project and portfolio.


Audio Engineering


Audio Engineering is an art that uses science and creativity to make quality sound for basic Music Production, Film,

Show Production, Video Games and other form of Interactive Audio. 

This Program goes through advanced Audio Engineering and Recording techniques used in world class professional studios.

  • Recording Principles: The Recording Principles course introduces students to the theory and operation of essential audio tools ranging from microphones to mixers. 

  • Sequencing Technology: The Sequencing Technology course explores the use of MIDI-based hardware and software in music production, live performance, and studio control. 

  • Music Theory and Production: The Principles of Music course explores harmony, melody, rhythm, and form with an introduction to the musical keyboard and ear training. 

  • Intro to Mixing: The Mixing Techniques course explores the use of audio processors and mixers to shape high-quality mixes, building on the students’ gear knowledge and listening skills. 

  • Critical Listening: The Critical Listening course focuses on developing listening skills to enhance audio engineering and production efforts through the analysis of sound, recorded signals, signal processing, sonic environments, music, and film. 

  • Session Recording: The Session Recording course walks students through the theory, philosophy, and practice of contemporary music production in a world-class studio facility.

  • Vocal Production: The Vocal Production course specifically addresses the production of vocal tracks and voice-overs for various media and musical applications. 

  • Audio Post Production: The Audio Postproduction course provides students with an overview of production sound and audio postproduction sound design for film and television. 

  • Mastering


Music Theory & Piano 


Good Music Theory knowledge with a skill to play an instruments gives you good boost in advancing your music career up ahead.

This program is an in depth training in the elements that construct a piece of music. It includes notations, key signatures, time signatures, chord progressions, and special scales (Blues, Jazz, Indian Ragas).

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